#21 17th August K11/10B Braunston

Event Notes: This event has a 18:45 start. Meet in Alvis Way behind Volvo Training Centre.

Start at mark on the kerbstone at the entrance to ‘Berryfields’ farm. Ride NW (A45).

At M45 exit island (just after Flyover bridge) take 3rd exit to retrace (A45).

Finish after the Braunston bus stop and 2nd canal bridge at paint mark on kerbstone, approx 60 yards after bridge.

Volunteers always welcome to help at club events.

Marshals for all events are now booked through Google Spreadsheets. Please volunteer for at least 1 event for every 8 rides during the season.

Events open at 7am Thursday and close at 4pm on Race day.

Please note that bookings can only be made by registered club members who are logged in.

Start List
1 – Guy Sanders
2 – Sarah Holloway
3 – Josie Goodwin
4 – Eddy Peachey
5 – Steven Scott
6 – John McCrae
7 – John Brothers
8 – Rebecca Wheaver
9 – Allison Morris
10 – Peter Timmins
11 – Steven Sirman
12 – Claire Walker
13 – Zoe Shepherd
14 – Vicky Nealon
15 – Howard Beale
16 – Andrew Childs
17 – Phil Scott
18 – Mike Smallwood
19 – Greg Ashley
20 – Craig Walker
21 – Ian Taylor
22 – Daniel Clarke
23 – Duncan Weaver
24 – Andrew Siggers
25 – Douglas Davies
26 –
27 –
28 – Jon Cottingham
29 – Jack Stewardson
30 – Brendan Hirst
31 –
32 –
33 –
34 –
35 –
36 –
37 –
38 –
39 –
40 –
41 –
42 –
43 –
44 –
45 –
46 –
47 –
48 –
49 –
50 –

Reserve List

Start list grading – When you go to book a slot always try first and foremost to book within one of the three grades that apply to you, we understand this will not be perfect and there will be lots of exceptions (work, appointments etc etc) when this rule of thumb cannot be followed. For this event the permitted field is limited to 50 Riders.

  • Slots 1-17 Juniors, novices and improving riders who would record times in the bottom third of our scratch times list.
  • Slots 18-36 All riders who normally record times in the mid-range of our scratch times list.
  • Slots 37-50 All riders who normally record times in the top third of our scratch list.

Clearly this grading by nature will be imperfect however after hours of discussion and suggestions the overriding factors that we considered were:

Safety – Starting riders in a graded format will result in racing completed well before we lose crucial light and visibility, and potentially limit the need of overtaking another rider.
Volunteers – Starting in this format means all of the volunteers and Marshals can get home before dark.
Racing – We are a racing club, so grading improves competition with riders of similar abilities competing and improving their times!

Reserve booking list – We have had a few weeks now where we have exceeded our permitted slots (what a great position to be in!) to manage this fairly we propose opening the booking system to beyond the permitted slots as a reserve list, how this will work is simple: if you attempt to book on and permitted slots are already booked, put your name on the reserve list. If for any reason a rider drops out and deletes a booking slot the next rider on the reserve list will be expected to access the system and book the now available slot. A curtesy WhatsApp message from the member withdrawing to next reserve would be a nice touch:

  • Slots 51-55 Rider reserve list for this event.