Local Course Records

Note: For local courses we have tried to ascertain the correct record holder, irrespective of club or type of event. Please let us know if you are aware of any inaccuracies, or if a record has been improved. Any previous known records are shown below.

Course CodeLocationDistance (Miles)Time (m.s)RiderClub
(1st Claim)
Courses in current use
KH35Newnham (nr. Daventry)900m
vert 59.7m
2m 3.8sMark ThomasRugby Velo14.10.90Rugby Velo Club
K11/5BWilloughby – Dunchurch510-16David KiernanCorley Cycles3.9.14Rugby RCC Club
K11/6Straight mile – Stretton613-04Scott RoseScience in Sport5.4.05Rugby Velo Club
K11/7.25BWilloughby – Braunston7.2515-08Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles27.8.14Rugby RCC Club
K3/13.6Napton – A425 (Hilly)13.629-25Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles23.7.14Rugby RCC Club
K10/10Princethorpe – Ryton1019-18Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles30.7.14Rugby RCC Club
K10/10F (Open version)Frankton – A451019-36Stuart DangerfieldScience in Sport30.7.05Rugby RCC Open
K10/10F (Club version)Frankton – A451020-08Richard BradleyStourbridge CC28.8.02Rugby RCC Club
K11/10Long Lawford – A451020-15Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles20.8.14Rugby RCC Club
K11/10BBraunston – Dunchurch1019-09Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles18.6.14Rugby RCC Club
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1018-25Matt BottrillDrag2zero26.07.14Rugby RCC Open
K11/10DOnley – A45 – Daventry1021-39Scott RoseRugby Velo6.7.04Rugby Velo Club
K3/10NL Shuckburgh – Southam1021-08Bryan SteeleTeam Chilwell2.7.03Rugby RCC Club
K3/13.6Napton – A425 (Hilly)13.629-25Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles23.7.14Rugby RCC Club
K10/25APrincethorpe – A45 – Peugeot Works2553-12Scott RoseRugby Velo29.6.04Rugby Velo Club
K10/25BPrincethorpe – A45 – Princethorpe2548-27Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles11.6.14Rugby RCC Club
K10/25CPrincethorpe – A45 – Cawston2555-52Hywel DaviesRugby RCC13.7.05Rugby RCC Club
K11/50CCawston – A45 – Cawston501-55-29Simon MitchellRugby RCC14.9.14Rugby RCC Club
K11/4HrDunchurch – Axe – Braunston – Grandborough99.3754 HrsJames WallStratford CC14.9.08Rugby RCC Club
Courses not in current use
K11/5Willoughby – Grandborough510-36James HeatonRugby RCC3.9.08Rugby RCC Club
K11/7.25Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge7.2515-58James HeatonLeisure Lakes Cycles8.4.09Rugby RCC Club
K3/13PPriors Marston – A425 (Hilly)13.031-13Richard BradleyStourbridge CC13.4.03Rugby RCC Open
K11/7.25 x 2Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge14.532-10James HeatonLeisure Lakes Cycles13.5.08Rugby RCC Club
K10/10C (Previously K10/10S)Princethorpe – Peugeot Works1019-39Stuart DangerfieldCamel Valley C & TC18.5.03National Championship
K41/10RWilley – Axe & Compass1020-55James HeatonRugby RCC7.5.08Rugby RCC Club
Previous Records
K11/5BWilloughby – Dunchurch510-29David KiernanCorley Cycles30.3.14Rugby RCC Club
K11/5BWilloughby – Dunchurch510-33David KiernanRugby RCC5.9.12Rugby RCC Club
K11/5Willoughby – Grandborough510-38Hywel DaviesRugby RCC5.9.07Rugby RCC Club
K11/7.25Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge7.2516-07Hywel DaviesPlanet X4.6.08Rugby RCC Club
K11/7.25Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge7.2516-09James HeatonRugby RCC9.4.08Rugby RCC Club
K10/10Princethorpe – Ryton1019-32Stuart DangerfieldCamel Valley C & TC4.8.01Rugby RCC Open
K11/10Long Lawford – A451021-14Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles24.4.13Rugby RCC Club
K11/10Long Lawford – A451021-23Scott RoseScience in Sport3.8.04Rugby Velo Club
K11/10BBraunston – Dunchurch1020-01Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles1.5.13Rugby RCC Club
K11/10BBraunston – Dunchurch1020-17James HeatonLeisure Lakes Cycles15.4.09Rugby RCC Club
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1018-50Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles26.7.14Rugby RCC Open
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1019-30Matt BottrillI-Ride.co.uk31.07.10Rugby RCC Open
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1020-23James HeatonLeisure Lakes Cycles30.06.10Rugby RCC Club
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1020-30Nino PiccoliTeam Pedal Revolution30.06.10Rugby RCC Club
K11/10TM45 Island – Ryton Island – Thutlaston1021-04James HeatonLeisure Lakes Cycles27.05.09Rugby RCC Club
K41/10RWilley – Axe & Compass1021-34Richard BradleyLeo RC Shorter10.8.05Rugby RCC Club
K3/13.6Napton – A425 (Hilly)13.631-33Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles24.7.13Rugby RCC Club
K3/13.6Napton – A425 (Hilly)13.632-03Scott RoseScience in Sport3.8.05Rugby RCC Club
K11/7.25 x 2Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge14.532-16James HeatonRugby RCC14.5.08Rugby RCC Club
K11/7.25 x 2Grandborough Fields – Sawbridge14.532-17Hywel DaviesRugby RCC28.6.06Rugby RCC Club
K10/25BPrincethorpe – A45 – Princethorpe2552-11Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles20.7.11Rugby RCC Club
K10/25BPrincethorpe – A45 – Princethorpe2552-16Matt ClintonMike Vaughan Cycles16.7.10Rugby RCC Club
K11/4HrDunchurch – Axe – Braunston – Grandborough94.234 HrsRob TobinRugby RCC12.9.04Rugby RCC Club