Past Event Posts

2023 Season

  • Event 9. 22nd May 2023. Rugby RCC 1-Up TT at Mallory Park
    Race Report. Results from electronic timing for 10-lap course measured at 9.53 miles. For Championship Points Table including all points to date for the current season in our various categories, Scratch & Handicap, Age Categories and Women’s points. David Hastings is our official photographer. Pictures may be viewed and purchased using the link: dh Photo – Rugby Results … Read more
  • Event 8. 17th May 2023. Course K10/25B Princethorpe Hill
    Race Report. With still conditions and a little sun, it was a win for Jack Stewardson on the first 25 mile TT of the season. Nine riders went under the hour with several others getting close. It was a good turnout with thirty riders. Don’t forget next week there is no Wednesday TT as we … Read more
  • Event 7. 10th May 2023. Course K11/10B Braunston
    Race Report. Good conditions at last, with the rain stoppng at 6pm and almost no wind, it was a win for Ollie Billing on the Braunston course. Another good turnout with 34 riders in all, although we were down to the bare minimum with marshalling. Handicap results are still unpredictable, with those two Lawford events … Read more
  • Event 4. 19th April 2023. Course K10/10
    Race Report. Better weather at last and a clear win for Ollie Billing. There were 27 starters and 27 finishers, including John Brothers who suffered a back problem and struggled on to the finish. Handicaps are very unpredictable so early in the season, so everyone who rode in the tough Lawford event had a more … Read more
  • Event 3. 12th April 2023. Course K11/10T
    Race Report. Event 3 K11/10T was cancelled due to adverse weather. Go to 2023 Results Index to see a list all Event results for the season. For Championship Points Table including all points to date for the current season in our various categories, Scratch & Handicap, Age Categories and Women’s points.
  • Event 2. 5 April 2023. Course K11/10
    Race Report. As anticipated, it was a tough, damp, evening for everyone at Lawford and riders’ times were affected, with some admitting it was their slowest ever time over that distance. Fastest was private entry Sam Harding, while Jack Stewardson was the fastest club member. Claire and Craig Walker topped the handicap competition. Weather-wise, things … Read more
  • Event 1. 29 March 2023. Course K11/5B
    Race Report. Our first event was damp, but not raining and a strong southerly wind took the edge of times on the return leg. It was a win for Ian Taylor, while Allison Morris took the handicap. There are no official VTTA age adjustments for 5 miles, but for interest only the adjustments for 10 … Read more

2022 Season

  • Event 7. 11 May 2022. Course K11/10B
    With our third visit to the Braunston course in 7 events it was a win for Tim Crossley by just one second from Ollie Billing. Cool conditions and a strong headwind on the outward leg nevertheless produced some fast times. Showing continued improvement Sarah Holloway won the handicap and it was a welcome return for … Read more
  • Event 6. 4th May 2020. Course K41/10R
    It was a win for Simon Law on the K11/10B at Braunston, our event returning yet again to this course due to the road closure at Lawford. Go to Results for all the details, or go to Age Cats for the vets competition, or go to the Women’s Cat competition. Go to Results Index to see all the results so far this season. … Read more
  • Event 5. 27 April 2022. Course: K11/10B
    Although the rain held off a strong wind made conditions harder then expected and the handicap times (all in the twenties) provide confirmation. It was a win for Ollie Billing, closely followed by Simon Law, with Guy Sanders best on handicap. Lauren Creamer, a private entry, came 4th on time. We now have a healthy … Read more
  • Event 4. 20 April 2022. Course K10/10
    A sunny but breezy evening brought out 32 riders, with the fastest times set by 2nd claim members and one guest rider. Recapturing his old form Ian Taylor was the best 1st claim riders and the marked improvement made him first on handicap. Several riders were affected by traffic chaos on the A45 and lost … Read more
  • Event 3. 13 April. Course K11/10T
    Road works forced us to move the finish back about 500 yards, so the course distance was around 9.7 miles. The reduction hasn’t affected results significantly, so everything is normal, but the Vet on Standard has not been applied as it wouldn’t be fair to compare with other genuine 10-mile events. Conditions were markedly improved … Read more
  • Event 2. 6 April 2022. Course K11/10B
    This was a change of course owing to road works on the original Lawford course. Once again conditions had a drastic effect on our numbers, both in terms of riders and their times, with a strong cross wind being the greatest deterrent. However, this did not seem to affect guest rider and ex-profesional Lauren Creamer … Read more
  • Event 1. 30 March 2022. Course K11/5B
    It was a bleak arctic evening for our depleted field of just 17 riders, in contrast to the same event a year ago when 45 riders enjoyed warm, sunny conditions. Apart from the conditions many riders had to withdraw because of rapidly spreading Covid, still rearing its ugly head. It proved to be a win … Read more