Rugby RCC’s Open 10-mile Time Trial History

Since 1998 Rugby RCC has promoted a 10-mile Open Time Trial. For three years this was held on the K41/10 (Wolvey) course, but was then switched to the more popular K10/10 (Princethorpe) course. After trying the Championship version of the course (K10/10C) for two years and the K10/10F when forced by road closures, the 2007 event switched back to the K10/10. For 2010 we used a new course, the K11/10T, made possible by the building of the new island at Ryton on the A45 thus allowing a straight out-and-back course.

Here is a list of the winners to date:

1998Stuart DangerfieldFastrack RTK41/1020-36
1999Stuart DangerfieldBio RT – MDTK41/1020-23
2000Stuart DangerfieldCamel ValleyK41/1020-31
2001Stuart DangerfieldCamel ValleyK10/1019-32
(Course Record)
2002Richard BradleyStourbridge CCK10/1020-38
2003Darren WillettsOn the Edge RTK10/1020-14
2004Keith Murrayscienceinsport.comK10/10C20-44
2005Stuart Dangerfieldscienceinsport.comK10/10F19-36
(Course Record)
2006Jon SimpkinsBanbury Star CCK10/10C21-51
2007Scott Rosescienceinsport.comK10/1020-43
2008Richard BradleyShorter Rochford RTK10/1020-17
2009James WallStratford-on-Avon CCK10/1021-11
(Course Record)
2011Matt ClintonMike Vaughan CyclesK11/10T19-57
2012Jon SimpkinsDrag 2 zero.comK10/10T19-42
2013Matt ClintonMike Vaughan CyclesK11/10T19-25
(Course Record)
2014Matt BottrillDrag 2 zero.comK11/10T18-25
(Course Record)
2015Matt BottrillDrag 2 zero.comK11/10T19-03
2016Matt ClintonMike Vaughan CyclesK11/10T19-06
2017David MeadLutterworth Cycle CentreK11/10T19-32
2018David MeadLutterworth Cycle CentreK11/10T10-06
2019James GarrettRugby VeloK11/10T21-21
2020Event not held due to Covid-19 restrictions
2021Ollie HucksNopinz Motip Race TeamK11/10T19-26