Event 1. 29 March 2023. Course K11/5B

Race Report.

Our first event was damp, but not raining and a strong southerly wind took the edge of times on the return leg. It was a win for Ian Taylor, while Allison Morris took the handicap. There are no official VTTA age adjustments for 5 miles, but for interest only the adjustments for 10 miles have been halved to display what the newly introduced Age Adjusted Times might look like.

David Hastings is our official photographer. Pictures may be viewed and purchased using the link: dh Photo – Rugby

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For Championship Points Table including all points to date for the current season in our various categories, Scratch & Handicap, Age Categories and Women’s points.

Event 1. Scratch

126Ian Taylor12054024.830151150
28Andy Craig12293724.030281202
315Greg Ashley123024.00
414Craig Walker12413523.65
518Phil Scott12563323.200361220
617Karl Eveleigh13103122.780251245
712Dean Mason13223022.440531230
819Brian Haycock13332922.141081225
910Richard Mercer13392821.981211219
1021Ian Jackson13462721.791081238
1116Martin Orrill13472621.771041243
1213Claire Walker13522521.63
1311Andrew Childs14162421.030391337
1420Howard Beale14312320.671081323
157Zoe Shepherd143320.62
169Stephen Docker14362220.55
173Saffron Small14422120.410071436
186Vicki Craig15072019.851281339
195Steven Scott15081919.822091260
202Allison Morris16381818.041361502
211John Brothers18291716.231421647
22Rob StilgoeD NF5011

Event 1. Handicap

12Allison Morris104825
214Craig Walker105124
313Claire Walker105223
312Dean Mason105223
518Phil Scott105621
59Stephen Docker105621
710Richard Mercer105919
78Andy Craig105919
917Karl Eveleigh110017
103Saffron Small110216
1126Ian Taylor110515
1216Martin Orrill111714
1319Brian Haycock112313
1411Andrew Childs112612
1421Ian Jackson112612
1620Howard Beale114110
175Steven Scott11589
186Vicki Craig12078
191John Brothers13097
22Rob StilgoeD NF5

Event 1. Age Cats

Age 40 - 49
126Ian Taylor120525
210Richard Mercer133922
33Saffron Small144220
46Vicki Craig150719
52Allison Morris163818
22Rob StilgoeD NF5
Age 50 - 59
18Andy Craig122925
218Phil Scott125622
317Karl Eveleigh131020
411Andrew Childs141619
55Steven Scott150818
Age 60 - 69
112Dean Mason132225
219Brian Haycock133322
321Ian Jackson134620
416Martin Orrill134719
520Howard Beale143118
Age 70 +
11John Brothers182925

Event 1. Women's Cat

113Claire Walker135225
23Saffron Small144222
36Vicki Craig15720
42Allison Morris163819