#25 17th September K10/25B Princethorpe Hill

Rugby Flyer Road Bike Event – Break the Hour and be awarded the Rugby Flyer Medal

Event Notes: This Sunday morning event has a 09:00 start. Meet at top of Princethorpe hill on B4453.

Start on the unclassified road (Frankton Lane), level with TP7, just north of entrance to stables at Lazy Acres, approx’ 350yds from junction with B4453.

Finish on B4453 opposite entrance to Ainscough Crane Hire.

Booking for the Rugby Flyer is through Googlesheets.

Road Bike Definition

We have agreed on the following definition which also coincides with the CTT’s definition & is based on Aerocoach’s suggestions:

1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions to be used
2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar)
3. Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each, and have a maximum rim depth of 65 mm
4. Helmets to have no visor
5. Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmets are not permitted)